Building a picture of Ireland’s Flora

Within the Data Centre we are trying to build up our knowledge of Ireland’s flora and help drive plant conservation through better data

2014: targeting poorly recorded species

Each week we ask you to look out for three common species and submit data if you can. All these species are poorly recorded since 2000.

12th September 2014


Common Orache (Atriplex patula), Knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare) & Fat-hen (Chenopodium albumcan be spotted at the minute. Please submit sightings of these and any other plant species here. All records are very valuable, regardless of how common the species is. Click on the photograph to get full details on the species from Wildflowers of Ireland or follow on Facebook.

More than 5,000 plant records have been submitted since the beginning of March. Huge thanks and please keep sending your sightings if you can.